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Happy 10th Birthday to us!
10 years ago today HALT had our first ever ‘Save your Bacon’ event at Tonks Bros Hardware store in Castlemaine! Since then we’ve delivered thousand of talks to hundreds of thousands of people across Australia and the world! Thanks to everyone who has supported us and been to our events. A massive shoutout to from Jez to HALT’s co-founder, Catherine Pilgrim, for helping make HALT a reality.
Here’s some photos from the first HALT brekky.
It’s been lovely reflecting back on all the inspiring and wonderful people we’ve met during our HALT adventures and talks. People from all walks of life, from proactive and driven community members to punk rockers, a federal health minister, politicians, a prime minister, footballers, Olympic swimmers, a legendary surfer, and many others!
We also want to thank all the people involved with organising HALT events and bringing us into their beautiful communities. We couldn’t have done all the talks we have in communities across Australia without the support of some amazing, inspiring and proactive leaders. So many fantastic memories of supportive people we’ve worked with.
Thank you all from the bottom of our HALT heart. Looking forward to another 10 years!