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Want to know more about what HALT can offer your workplace? We offer HALT Talks as well as other events such as ‘Save your Bacon’ brekkies. Use the form at the bottom of the page for any enquiries or bookings.

What’s a ‘HALT Talk’?

It’s a 15-20 minute plain-spoken, punchy talk where we:

– Provide a brief overview of the origins of HALT.

– Outline the issue at hand providing stats on rates of suicide within trade and blue-collar industry.

– Provide tips on how to identify someone at risk of suicide.

– Talk about the stigma associated with mental health and why it is important to re think how we encourage and support men who reach out for help.

– Provide practical examples of having tough conversations with someone you are concerned might be at risk of suicide. This includes using the word ‘suicide’ in your discussion.

– Promote and raise awareness of local and national mental health and suicide prevention services..

– Promote a simple self-care framework that focuses on maintaining good health. (The 5 ways to wellbeing.)

What’s the cost?

For costings please contact

Where and when?

HALT staff will work with host to find the best time and place to deliver the talk. Early starts are what we do! All HALT team members are all ASIST trained and undergo regular supervision.

NOTE: HALT staff members are not counsellors or crisis workers and will not engage in any like activity.

Fill in the form below to register your interest in having a HALT visit your workplace and we will be in touch shortly to talk through some options.