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In this first edition of the Guest Artist Series, HALT have teamed up with Ray Ahn; bass player and illustrator for legendary Sydney punk band The Hard-Ons, and Simon Robins; vocalist in thrash band Pissbolt and renowned comic book colourist. Both artists are proud to use their art trade to support the work of HALT.

The humble band tee is an often-overlooked art form but provides the perfect canvas for these artists to interpret the HALT message. While you won’t see band shirts up at the National Gallery, you will see them on every street and that’s where HALT can typically be found promoting mental health.

By wearing one of these tees or hoodies you won’t just look great, you’ll also be encouraging tough conversations in your community. You can purchase them from HALT’s online shop.

About the Artists:

Ray Ahn – Original drawing
Bass player for legendary Sydney-based punk band The Hard Ons, Ray is also responsible for the bulk of the art adorning their extensive back catalogue and countless T-shirt designs. Since beginning in the early 80’s, Ray’s art and music has gained a cult following worldwide and he shows no signs of slowing down. He lives in the Western suburbs of Sydney with his wife and two kids.

Simon Robins – Colourist
Simon Robins lives in Fryerstown with his girls and faithful mutt Macey. When not colouring comics he can be found screaming at the sky in thrash band Pissbolt. Some recent projects of his include the murder mystery comic Skyscraper, the zombie family drama Undad, Digitopia; a complex political action/drama comic, the all-ages space opera romp Oswald and the Star Chaser, Slumber; a nightmare busting detective rollercoaster, the intriguing neolithic mystery Hatch Effect and The Exoneration of Dr Fu Manchu.

HALT’s guest artist series was also featured recently in the Midland Express.